How to Bet

To place a bet on any matches, you must first log-in using your account number or email address and password. If you do not yet have an account with us, please click on the " Registration " tab to open your account.

Step 1

To place a Bet, select the bet type of your choice from the tabs at the left of the page.

Step 2

Then, click on the Odds numbers corresponding to your selected outcome for that bet type.

Step 3

A box will appear at the left of your screen now, showing details of your selection, as well as a box. Enter your stakes in this box.

Step 4

Double-check all details before clicking on the " Process Bet " button below the box. If you make any errors, click on the " Cancel " button to reset your selections.

Step 5

Once your click on " Process Bet " , a new box will pop-out for the reconfirmation of your Bet. Click " OK " to proceed, or " Cancel " to re-enter your stakes.

Step 6

If you click " OK " , your bet's details will be transmitted to us. You can check the Status of your bet by clicking on the " Bet List " button at the top of the page.

Please refer to the link for the updated version of Sports betting rules.

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