Casino Slots Rules

The following is Appendix 2 of the general Terms and Conditions and covers generic rules applicable to the use of online casino games available on the Websites.

For game specific rules and payout tables, please use Online Help provided on-screen, where available. In case of difficulty, please contact customer service.

1. General clauses

1.1 As a registered customer, you can participate in a variety of online casino games available to you in the form of web content (labeled and herein referred to as "Casino Games").

1.2 Casino Games are brought to you by Microgaming Europe Ltd, a publicly listed software company incorporated and licensed in Malta (the "Casino Provider") which holds a Class 4 license (MGA/CL4/344/2007).

1.3 We are duly authorized to represent, promote and deliver Casino Games our Website by virtue of a software license agreement with the Casino Provider.

1.4 Casino Games are a stand-alone service managed by the Casino Provider and covered by their respective online gaming license. We undertake to receive, hold and pay out funds in relation to your participation in the games available through these services.

1.5 We shall not take liability for any transactions made from within the Casino Games service, except for the transfer of funds between your player account and the game being played.

1.6 In the scope of this Appendix, a "bet" shall refer to a wager you make in the process of playing Casino Games. A "prize" shall refer to any amounts and bonuses that can be won by playing Casino Games.

2. Game rules

2.1 Casino Games are a range of purely virtual games, such as different kinds of slot machines, table games and scratchcards, each run in its own Game Application.

2.2 We may change the selection of games provided under the Casino Games label from time to time, at our sole discretion.

2.3 Casino Games are supplied in the form of a web browser application that opens itself in a new web browser window ("Game Application").

2.4 You need to be logged in to your player account in order to use a Game Application.

2.5 A full description of usage and rules for each game can be accessed from within the game by pressing the '?' button found in the top right corner of the Game Application window.

2.6 When you play progressive games, every bet placed is contributing to the Casino Provider's network-wide jackpot. If you win a jackpot, the prize will be credited into your player account instantly and you may request its withdrawal after a verification period of 24 hours.

2.7 Any resemblance of real-world names, characters or situations appearing in the games is a coincidence and, therefore, unintended.

2.8 Once a bet has been made and confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled or changed. The loss of connection or other communication failure shall not be considered as ground for bet cancellation after a bet has been registered on our system.

2.9 Notwithstanding our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the game information, we shall not be responsible for any evident errors made through human or system failure. We shall reserve the right to correct such errors.

2.10 We reserve the right to limit the maximum wagering bet according to our internal security policy.

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